"Quantum Cloud" by Antony Gormley

[Sculpture: “Quantum Cloud” by Antony Gormley]


Today I Found Some Diamond

today I found some diamond

in my chest just beaming

like a star whose light

had finally reached earth’s retina

to find yours, do this:

sit unclenched, with a breathing

planet rolling on your open palm

like one of those Chinese stress

balls without a mate,

smile halfly, with the fluid

contentment that comes with

pooping away

all obscuration

on moh’s hardness

scale a diamond scores ten,

because it can cut anything,

and not be scratched itself

mine wedges through

it all like microwaved butter,

its crystalline edges

are the sentinels of

heart space,

keeping the middle

prismic and boundless—

that’s the point of it all

you nut.


About bensten

Teacher, writer, blogger and spiritual practitioner. Managing editor of bensten.wordpress.com.

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