Whether “peak oil,” 2012, global financial collapse, the new Dark Ages, or just plain Armageddon is behind it, many are feeling the urge to get their fingernails dirty again and rediscover the basic processes that humans developed to survive on the planet. Yes, we did the veggie garden, including some climbing berries and a peach tree. But we’re just wacky enough to go a step further. We got chickens. Yes, I know we’re vegetarians. We’re not going to eat THEM. Yes, I do realize we live in suburbia. They’re no louder than dogs! But think of all those farm…er backyard-fresh eggs! They’re cute little peckers to boot. And check out the handmade chicken mansion made from scrapwood around the garage. My wife gets credit for that, but I did some grunt work.


About bensten

Teacher, writer, blogger and spiritual practitioner. Managing editor of bensten.wordpress.com.

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