Those of us in the Northern hemisphere begin to notice some changes this time of year. There aren’t crossing guards or school zone speed limits slowing our commute. Sunshine prods us out of bed through that crack in our curtains earlier and earlier, and lingers longer and longer into the evening. And even though we are no longer students, for whom Summer is an endless meadow of freedom from the imposed routines of school and a respite from the official knowledge of “the man”, we too, eternal kids that we are, feel a certain spaciousness and freedom these sunny days.

I don’t know about you, but I love to nurture that sense of rebelliousness in the Summertime and explore realms of knowledge off the beaten track–feed the inner bohemian. Just recently, for example, I’ve picked up Above Top Secret, a fact-based but mind-boggling exploration of modern conspiracy theories by award-winning journalist Jim Marrs. I’ll never look at road signs, contrails, or those moon landing photos in quite the same way again.
I’m not saying issue 07 will blow you out of the water or completely derail all your dearly held beliefs, but approach it with that sense of spaciousness and lax regard for routine and authority that Summer provides and I think it will be more rich than it would be otherwise. I’m especially proud of my worldwide Youtube premier with this month’s ben’s TEN video production called “Building Your Brain Power with Cross-Laterals.”

Happy June. 


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