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The photo below of me and an aunt was taken at a family reunion in Colorado Springs, CO in June of 2009. I didn’t see the photo until September of 2009, when my aunt sent a CD with all the reunion’s pictures on it. As I browsed through the 100-plus photos, I was taken aback by this one, as it clearly displayed a phenomena I’d read and heard about quite a bit: orbs (look toward middle of my torso, with my black vest as background).

Orb caught in a family reunion photo

Orb caught in a family reunion photo

Explanations range from the predictably materialistic (see the wikipedia post) to the extarodinarily fanciful. The most powerful and intriguing explorations, in my opinion, come where science meets open-minded humility. 

Klaus Heinemann, PhD, is one the the premier researchers in the field (see his book on the topic). His scientific training and disposition have teamed with his spiritual instincts to be the impetus for years of rigorous research. It might be easier to tell yourself orbs are just micrscopic dust particles refracting light just so, but when you really and openly examine the phenomena, as he has, these are the conclusions you come to (from his site):

Orbs are not explainable with conventional physics
They are emanations from intelligent life outside of the conventional physical realm
They are abundantly around us (but we must use discernment)
They have individualistic features and may have “faces”
They have different intensities (some require digital image enhancement)
They can move extremely fast ( presumably at unlimited speed )
They can follow instructions (Stereo-Photography with Orbs )
They can expand (presumably to infinite size) and contract (presumably to atomic size) extremely fast
Extreme contraction at infinite speeds allows the hypothesis that they may be instrumental in certain aspects of alternative/spiritual healing
Thought projections look similar to orbs

I am struck by the symmetry and perfect circularity of my orb. Here is a close-up:

Close up of Colorado orb

Close up of Colorado orb

Many observers point out the mandala-like quality of the orbs. Others focus on the high occurrence of orbs and photos associated with crop circles. Virtually all who get beyond the “technological glitch” explanation have an intuitive sense that an other-dimensional intelligence is involved.
What is your take? Have any orb photos or experiences of your own? Have your own theory? Please share.

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  1. bensten says:

    Thanks for your wonderful contribution. I think it relates very closely to the “tenth dimension” post from a few weeks ago. I’d never thought to make the connection, however, between the orbs and the “branes” between dimensions. Nice synthesis. Here is the post I’m referring to:

  2. Keth says:

    These are intrusions into our universe by other universes.
    Because of the way quantum stuff works, every so often the other universe will manifest itself “across the border” into our universe, but will quickly vanish again.
    This is kind of like the energy that escapes from a black hole.
    As you may or may not know, the very edge of a black hole is called an event horizon. At a quantum level, particles of energy pop in and out of existence very rapidly within a certain, albeit tiny area.
    Those particles right on the very edge… if they pop into existence partially in, and partially outside of the black hole, i.e., ON the event horizon, that part which lies on the outside appears as emitted radiation. That which lies on the inside gets sucked into the black hole.
    In a similar fasion, these other universes pop into existence right inside our universe, and the camera just happens to snap a picture at the right moment to catch them.
    That, or it’s just dust being refracted oddly.

  3. […] dedicated Orbs page 18 03 2010 Our fascination with orbs, as first presented in the post “Mysterious Orb Photo…”, has prompted us to create a new page dedicated to your experiences, photos and ideas about orbs. […]

  4. bensten says:

    I’m very appreciative of your insight and spiritual work on this. I’ve also visited your blog and am very intrigued. As a young man I was enthralled by the English Romantic poets (Keats, Shelly, etc.)–let me know if they ever stop by!

  5. jane Hunting says:

    Hi Ben, some might put me in the ‘extarodinarily fanciful’ category but I have been working with orbs for several years I particularly liked your opinion ‘the most powerful and intriguing explorations, in my opinion, come where science meets open-minded humility.’ How perfectly said! I spoke with your ‘special to man’ orb (via the photograph) and was led to release several earthbound souls who had not made the transition back to the light of creation after their deaths -all associated with your family/happy event/celebration, which attracted the special orb (Chief Orb!) and the serendipity of our ‘meeting’. If you would like to investigate my own role in furthering the spiritual understanding of mankind please feel free to drop in to my own blog To Tom I would say that refraction is light is the miracle of creation 🙂 Love and Light (LOL!) Jane

  6. Shangkala says:


    So great to see your ORBS pics collection here. We’d like to share our ORBS pictures & also our ORBS experience to you. Please see this links :

    May all be useful for your journey 😉

    Joy is You,
    Shangkala team

  7. bensten says:

    Tom, thanks for the wonderful resource from BSPHI. It’s a great synthesis on research on the topic. You are right–according to their photographic samples my orb seems to clearly fall into the “dust particle” category. The energy orbs they identify–the “true” orbs–have a very distinct look to them.

  8. Tom PNPRS says:

    Hi Ben, What you’re most probably seeing here is refraction. If you search for photography and refraction, many great sites will come up.

    Orbs are very easy to recreate, and the cheaper the camera, the better the orb pictures seem to be. Orbs can also be caused by rain, hair, etc.

    There’s a fantastic pdf on this subject from a group out East somewhere, and I’ve passed it along to many people who wonder about “orbs” and the paranormal. Enjoy:

  9. Indigenous says:

    Oh, I think it’s a piece of dust

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