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You may be surprised to know how much serious research exists in the field of distance healing, or “distant mental influence,” as William Braud, Ph.D. puts it in his compendium of scientific research by the same name published in 2003 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

With highly technical titles like “Mental Interactions with Remote Biological Systems” and “Reactions to an Unseen Gaze (Remote Attention): Autonomic Staring Detection,” the research Braud presents is as meticulous as anything I ever came across in graduate school. In fact, have that statistics textbook handy if you plan on digging in.

Organizations like the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)–recently spotlighted in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol–take the topic very seriously as well, with a growing collection of peer-reviewed research. They aren’t without their lighter side, however, and I was pleasantly surprised to come across their online, interactice distance healing and PSI “test”.

Give it a try at the link below. How did you score? What are your thoughts on the topic?

IONS – Research: psi Games . . . Garden of Dreams, Journey to Wild Divine.


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