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If you are interested in how the edges of science are reaching boldly but respectfully (sometimes) into the realm of intuition and other “paranormal” phenomena, I urge to read this excellent summary article by Paul Bernstein, Ph.D.:

Intuition: What Science Says (So Far) About How and Why Intuition Works by Paul Bernstein, Ph.D.

Here, I humbly provide a brief outline/summary, but giving it a good read yourself would be irreplaceable. Bernstein begins by establishing a working definition of intuition:

 “the appearance of accurate information in the mind of an individual, concerning events, persons or locales outside that individual, which can be shown to have come not through the five senses, nor through a rearrangement of the individual’s stored memory contents.”

Bernstein then goes on to summarize the last 100 years of scientific research in the following areas of intuition:

  • telepathy
  • remote viewing
  • precognition/presentiment

 He follows up the historical summaries with a presentation of some theories on how these types of intuition function, such as quantum non-locality, holography and complex space-time.

Bernstein’s article was published in the book, Endophysics, Time, Quantum and the Subjective, ed. by Rosolino Buccheri et al., World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, (c)2005].

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has promised an update to this article that covers the research that has taken place since 2005. Stay tuned! As soon as I become aware of it I’ll post a link here.

If you are aware of related research available online please let us know in the comments.


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