Recently, ben’s 10 had the opportunity to chat with Steven Myers, author of Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid and founder of the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation ( His controversial ideas about the purpose and construction of the Great Pyramids of Egypt will sound unconventional—even in a field full of wild ideas—but the logic behind them is surprisingly plausible. We wanted to get some insight into what prompted his exploration and led to his unique and fascinating theory.

b10: The Great Pyramids of Egypt are one of those few enigmatic places on the planet that seem to continually intrigue people from all cultures and walks of life. When and how did this topic evolve from mere interest to a life passion for you?

Steven Myers:  I was always interested in technology.  My education and employment are both highly technical.  My degree is related to Fluid Mechanics.  Even my hobbies are of a technical orientation.  I am a ham radio operator and I collect antique gasoline engines.  Also, I am an avid history scholar.  So if a person is interested in technology and history his attention will be directed towards the most awesome example of historical technology created by mankind– The Great Pyramid.

Just like everyone, I read all the mainstream books about the Great Pyramid written by traditional Egyptologists.  They made some remarkable claims of a technical nature, such as claims of extreme precision stone cutting with only hand tools and of dragging massive stones up a monstrous ramp. Not accepting these claims at face value, I tried to find out the experiments Egyptologists have conducted to substantiate their claims.  There are none.

b10: Scholars have been researching and debating the origins of the pyramids until their faces turned blue. Where do you believe you gained the special insight to take the unique approach you have?

Steven Myers: When I started to research the Great Pyramid I was a layman with a very intense interest in the technology surrounding the great pyramid.  My interest is specifically how the great pyramid was built and why it was built.  I had no interest in mummies or ancient gods or battles or the hats of pharaohs, so my interest is very narrow but with broad implications. Examining the mysteries of the great pyramid without preconceived notions and with the goal to understand it as a technological wonder gave me a great advantage over so-called experts who were trained and programmed to think a certain way.  I was able to approach the mysteries of the great pyramid with new eyes.

What first started as an interest became a passion and now it is my life-quest.  I am the founder of a nonprofit foundation dedicated to understanding how the great pyramid was built and why.  In our mission statement we want to redevelop this ancient but highly advanced and efficient technology to help our modern but troubled world.  Our foundation is called the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation and our web site is

b10: Could you briefly summarize for readers the main thrust or thesis of the argument in your book?

Steven Myers: The great pyramid was not built using a massive ramp populated by luckless souls straining their guts to drag an endless supply of massive stones. This story cannot be demonstrated in the real world.  All Egyptologists are wrong.  The construction method of the great pyramid is much more sophisticated and gives glory to the genius of the Original Builders.  The great pyramid was built level by level.  Water locks were built from the Nile River to the building site.

Imagine the first stones to be set in place was the first level of casing stones.  These casing stones were cemented together which created a watertight wall.  Water was used to fill in this area and a large square pond was created impounded by the first level of casing stones.  A water lock was built into this wall which allowed stones on barges to easily move from the Nile River all the way up to the building site and into this pond impounded by the first level of casing stones.  Then barges with rough cut interior stones were moved up from the Nile to the building site through the water locks.  These rough cut stones were moved from the barges into the pond filling the pond with stones.

When this pond was filled with rough cut stones the first level of the great pyramid was completed!  After the first level of the great pyramid is completed the process continues level by level as the great pyramid was built.  This description is very abbreviated but my book goes into the details of this fascinating construction method.

b10: Do you believe there is something sacred about the pyramids and/or how can they contribute to humankind’s evolution and well-being?

Steven Myers: I do not think there’s anything sacred about the great pyramid.  It is my contention that the great pyramid was built not as an expense but as an investment.  It was an investment for the future of the people who built it. It was built to be infrastructure.  It was built to be a machine with a specific function.  That function was to turn the desert into a garden. That function was to transform subsistence living into wealth.  The great pyramid was a prosperity machine.  The great pyramid was built to be a water pump!

I contend, and the research of our nonprofit foundation supports, that the original builders of the great pyramid had a highly advanced understanding of physics.  The original builders understood some profoundly important aspects of physics that our modern world does not fully understand.  With this knowledge, the original builders were able to create advanced and efficient technology that helps their world.  It is my life-quest and the purpose of the nonprofit foundation I founded to redevelop this ancient technology to help our modern but troubled world.

This water pumping technology will help us reduce our addiction to oil and provide an alternative method to generate electricity.  It would also be applicable to irrigate farmland and many industrial applications.

b10: I am really impressed that you’ve been able to transform your research and book into a charitable project. Can you tell us about that?

Steven Myers: The research started as simply an interest which turned into a passion. Myself and a number of like-minded individuals have formalized our research by creating  a 501 (c)3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to redeveloping this ancient water pumping technology.  Our research is not simply academic—we are actually a humanitarian organization.  Twice as many people die every day from having a lack of clean water to drink or from not been able to irrigate their cropland then the number of people who died on 9-11.

There are two 9-11s every day and the goal of our humanitarian nonprofit foundation is to reduce that number.

b10: Finally, tell us where we can find the book and more information on your research and projects.

Steven Myers: The Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation’s web site is at:  There you’ll find out about our activities, our goals, and achievements.  Also there’s more information about how the great pyramid was built on our web site.  Plus you can find out how you can become involved in what we are doing.  And from our website you can receive an autographed copy of the book, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid.  My book is also available through online bookstores or anywhere books are sold.  Visit the link to read the book’s description and some reviews.

If you have any questions about our activities, our research or this book you can contact us through our web site.

b10: Thank you so much for taking the time to discuss your intriguing project with us. I know many readers will be interested and have opinions about what they’ve read so far. I encourage them to comment here, but also explore the ideas further on your website and check out the book. Best of luck!


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  1. Steven Myers says:

    There is a very good video series about how the Great Pyramid was built at: This series was created by Steven Myers

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  3. burrodriver says:

    Have you ever seen these devices?
    I AM TWITTER Horus

    Stone Quarry Mystery

    Winds of Egypt Not Copper Tools

    Boats over the Pyramids

    Howard West

  4. Steven Myers says:

    Chris, I appreciate your thoughtful questions concerning “information” which has been asserted to be encoded into the design of the Great Pyramid. Certainly over the centuries there have been seemingly hundreds of interpretations of the direct physical evidence of the Great Pyramid which have included any sort of symbolic meanings of this complex structure. Besides the ones you touched upon there are assertions that the Great Pyramid confirms Bible prophesy, is a landing beacon for aliens, was designed by God, or was a powerplant among other ideas. It is easy to come up with some correlation like the sides of the Great Pyramid somehow were designed to “curve” to correspond with the curvature of the earth. First of all the sides of the Great pyramid are very rough and determining how much they “curve” is a rather subjective exercise. Then someone finds something which somehow corresponds to that subjectively determined curvature and then proclaims that the Original Builders intentionally designed that “correlation.” Also using any number of dozens of units of measure as well as various measuring methods and centuries of number crunching people have used “the pure science of math” to confirm Bible prophesy or “prove” aliens built the Great Pyramid. By the way my kid’s bike has “encoded” into its design the mathematical number Pi. Maybe the builders of the bike wanted to tell my child that they knew of Pi and encoded it into the bike is such a profound way. Some have suggest that the vents point to “profoundly important” stars. Anything that points up points to stars. Because of the procession of the equinoxes the vents point to many different stars but a researcher or author can simply dial in whichever star they want the vents to point to in conducting their research. The crown of the Statue of Liberty has seven spikes each pointing to a different star. That is undeniable. Yet did the builders of the Statue of Liberty intentionally design a correlation between the spikes and the stars? I would say even though the spikes point to stars there is no intended correlation. I could go on with other examples but what most researchers who focus on correlations do is treat the Great Pyramid as a preexisting artifact and try to conger up some sort of symbolic meaning from it. The focus of my research and the thrust of my book, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid is to start with a clean slate and to understand both how the Great Pyramid was built as well as why the Great Pyramid was built. My intent is to present a theory which focuses on these two interrelated aspects of the Great Pyramid. Understanding the technology used, and the construction processes of how the Great Pyramid was built would (in my opinion) shed light on why this structure was built. Anyway my book discusses these issues in much greater detail and I appreciate your interest, Chris. Our web site at: has more information if you are interested and my book is also now available as an Ebook.

  5. bensten says:

    Those are wonderful points, and I really wish I would have thought to ask Mr. Myers for the interview. It’s funny you mention the golden mean–I’m a teacher and I am set to plan a unit on the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. I’ve been wondering the same thing.

    I will forward your questions on to Mr. Myers and hope that he responds. Thanks for reading!

  6. chris says:

    A water pump would be a pratical use for the pyramid. However would that explain how or why the builders would encode so much precise mathematical, geographic, and astronomical information into the structure, like PI (as Issac Newton had famously observed), the Golden Mean, the slight curve of the walls corresponding to the curvature of the earth, the location of the pyramid facing true north and being at the center of the land masses, the correlation to Orion´s belt, etc? Or are those simply accidental coincidences?

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