ben’s TEN reader “Cathy” had a wonderful orb encounter she would like to share. One June evening in Iowa City she spotted a fox trotting across her front yard. Anxious to capture the rare nocturnal creature in a photo, she raced outside with her digital camera and began snapping digital shots. The fox proved too clever for the camera, but when she checked her preview screen, she was surprised to have caught a different sort of “creature”–a series of orbs. Here is one photo (full size and zoomed) from that session:

In the series of photos, the orb(s) seemed to change size and location. There are also some nice reference points, including the tulips in the foreground and a car and house in the background. View the whole set of photos from this first session on her picasa album.

Curious as to whether this was a one-time fluke, she went back out to the same spot off her front porch another evening several weeks later. Behold, some even more impressive orbs appeared!

View the full collection of the orb photos from Cathy’s second session.

As usual, we have a full spectrum of possible explanations for the phenomenon in these photos. Are they reflections of dust or other floating particles in the Iowa summer night? Are they manifestations–at least the aspects of them we can perceive–of fairies or other-dimensional beings? Cathy’s five-year old niece, who has a particular fondness and intuitive connection to fairies, did claim there was an abundance of the elusive beings in Cathy’s yard!

Which end of the spectrum do you fall on? What’s your take?

Note: For more on orbs, visit our Orbs Page.

Addendum – 8/1/10

The mother of the young “niece” described above (we’ll call her Mary) saw our post and was kind enough to provide some wonderful follow-up that suggests, at least to me, that orbs may associate with people with a certain open, intuitive approach to the world.

Mary’s family was in the process of remodeling their kitchen, so Mary’s mother took a series of photos to document the process. Several of the photos came out with orbs–Mary was either in or very nearby for all of the photos in which orbs turned up. See the photos below:

In a previous post, I introduced the concept of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)–the notion that a level of intelligence beyond traditional logical, rational and academic intelligence can be recognized and developed in students. This is an intelligence that acknowledges our interconnectedness within a mysterious and evolving universe. Based on my interactions with Mary’s mother and aunt, I consider her to have a very high potential for SQ! Not that an arbitrary “SQ number” is important–rather, let’s create environments where children like Mary can fully develop their gifts and curiosities without the stigma of talents that fall outside the mainstream.


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