Editor’s Note: When I first heard an interview with conscious channel Catherine Bean Weser on the popular podcast “Theater of the Mind” a few months ago, I was initially very neutral, if not slightly skeptical. Although I pride myself, as editor of b10, as riding “the edge” of topics like spirituality, my lack of personal experience in the realm of channeling left me fogged by the same stereotypes and misconceptions about channeling that many people hold. What followed in the actual interview was a teaching so simply powerful and profound that all doubts melted away. I was touched to the point that I immediately contacted Catherine to express my reaction and ask her if she’d consider collaborating with b10.

She graciously accepted, and the first product of this interaction is the pith instruction on intuition you’ll read below. I’ve since learned that a conscious channel—like Catherine—differs from a “trance channel” (the image we are probably most familiar with). A conscious channel, as the name implies, is a fully conscious partner who interacts with a being, entity or intelligence to bring through a message, teaching or communication. In Catherine’s case, after years of serious meditation practice, she encountered a being called Dwahl Khul from the One Life. Catherine’s own personality and experience mingle with the presence of Dwahl Khul as together they craft an expression most appropriate to the time and place. There are a few things which bolster my faith in Catherine and her messages. First, her spiritual achievements come after years of practice—a natural and necessary prerequisite, in my mind, to accessing this kind of wisdom. Second, her kind, humble and generous approach reflect a sincere intention. Finally, the profound, perennial nature of the teachings speak for themselves.

So, regardless of your past experiences with channeling, read this message with an open heart. Let it reach the deep places of your consciousness and see if it has the same visceral impact on you that it did me. All of Catherine’s web and contact information appear below. I encourage you to explore her services and available products if this wisdom resonates with you.

– BK

Identifying and Using Your Intuition

by Catherine Bean Weser and DK from the One Life

And Good Day Dear Ones!

We would like to speak about your intuition. As so many of you are realizing more and more of your Deep Self, the essential you beyond all definition, you are also realizing the voice of the Deep Self as your intuition.

Intuitive knowing is a simple experience in which you are moved into your Deep Self and into the essential aspects of anything considered. What is known in that ineffable moment of intuition is perfect as what it is in that moment. Even though you believe you only know the world as it appears to you, you also know something else, something deeper, without analyzing what you know, but just knowing it. This is intuition.

Your intuition is not something that can be described, as it exists in the realm of self beyond description. Your intuition is not something that can be identified, as it exists in the realm of self beyond identification. Intuition cannot be characterized, as it exists where characterization is not available. For most of you, though, you know what your intuition is.

At times it is difficult to determine what voice is truly the voice of the Deep Self, or intuition, and what voice is simply the product of the conceptual mind. There are a few important ways to make this distinction. Intuition, although indescribable in its absolute sense, has its relative aspects, namely a sincerity and a humility that operates in deep honesty. Some might say it is where the inner teacher lies willing and ready to show you what you need, and show you in any way that will get your attention. It will never give you certainty or justification or reason for its revelations, as intuition is not invested in either outcome or timing. Its only true investment is in a kind of knowing that will lead you into greater experience of awakening, however that may play out.

The rational, conceptualizing thought producing mind is egoically driven to enact some thing, to get results, to somehow prove a point of view. The intuitive self can hold many many points of view simultaneously, and does not favor a single point of view. Sincerity is the tone of the intuition, not seriousness. Humility is the timbre of the intuition, not self-aggrandizement.

Intuition arises out of the natural state. It always is and always has been and always will be. There is a feeling of continuity and timelessness to the intuition, not like the changeable chattering of the discursive mind.

The intuition has a purity about it, and does not always “speak” in words, but may simply “speak” in synchronicity. It may not be very specific, as it does not abide in the specifics which result from the comparing and contrasting of the dualistic mind’s process. Intellect creates dualism, finds the distinction between Self and Other while the intuition is more absolutely the expression of the One Life. When the intuition “speaks” duality is resolved.

To hear the intuition more loudly or more clearly, stop the discursive mind, by getting quiet. Often moving the body will quiet the mind. The mantra most useful is, “This, too, is illusion” If you are thinking thoughts, the thoughts may be contained within the intuition, and simultaneously contained by the intuition. Personal epiphany arises out of your availability to your intuition, not from trying to be intuitive. It is not something special, this personal revelation of Deep Self, it is always happening and present: always as clear as the present moment is present.

Be still in a natural stillness, letting go of trying to get somewhere, learn something, achieve some goal. Your intuition will not explain how to do anything, rather will simply point the way. Intuition cannot be forced, you need to simply allow it.

When you are analyzing a situation, you are attempting to prove a right and a wrong answer. You become limited to posting the pros and cons on a never-ending psychic ledger sheet. You will find emotional charge in this process, as your beliefs and conditionings attempt to have their say. You may try to determine what is right or wrong for you by whatever emotional state arises in you around what is on your ledger sheet.

Since the intuition has no emotional charge–no investment in outcome or process, you will not be able to determine if you are listening to your intuition because it or you seem to be “happy” or “sad” with a particular choice. Intuitive knowing is in divine neutrality, equanimity, and reconciles seeming opposition. So this sense of peace in the intuition is a clue–that if you are struggling, you are probably engaging in your conceptual mind’s ruminations.

So while we can only make suggestions that attempt to relay a sense of the intuition, we cannot with our words actually describe it, we can simply speak to you that intuition is present in all beings. Intuition simply is. The voice of the Deep Self that is always present, guiding you without directing you, and gently enabling you to be who you really are.

So be it, and so it is!

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