Posted by Ben Koch

It is all too easy to lament the inability to step back from our infinitely interconnected lives thanks to social media, etc…. by posting our complaints across the same social media platforms that have us manacled. The irony isn’t lost on most of us. I enjoyed Scott Belsky’s intelligent reflection on this threat to our deep thinking and creative process. Yes, it IS posted on the 99% blog, but what separates Belsky’s lamentation from others is that he suggests “Five potential mindsets and solutions for consideration.”

  1. Rituals for Unplugging.
  2. Daily Doses of Deep Thinking.
  3. Meditation and Naps to Clear the Mind.
  4. Self-Awareness and Psychological Investment
  5. Protect the State of No-Intent.

There’s no substitute for reading his detailed descriptions of each suggestion, and hopefully this teaser has struck a chord and prompted you to explore further.


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