Over the last two weeks, my volume of poems by the Sufi mystic Hafiz has been whispering to me from the bookshelf. It didn’t take long after finally heeding the call this morning and reading through the gems to see exactly why: he has a message he’d like me to pass on to the Super Congress. I prefer to let his two-part note speak for itself without embellishing it with my own interpretations.


by Hafiz

Let your

Intelligence begin to rule

Whenever you sit with others

Using this sane idea:

Leave all your cocked guns in a field

Far from us,

One of those damn things

Might go



by Hafiz


Keeps the sad game going.

It keeps stealing all your wealth–

Giving it to an imbecile with

No financial skills.

Dear one,




Ḥāfiẓ, and Daniel James. Ladinsky. The Gift: Poems by the Great Sufi Master. New York: Penguin Compass, 1999. Print.


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  1. nadia777 says:

    I do not know what they trying to say or message. It just all speaking nonsense on the channel. Please get a life, speak something good that we can understand like from dj prem but ben & hafiz suck the radio station big time.

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