Official artwork © Playgrounds for the Poor

An old dear friend and soul-mate, Ty Cobb, has taken my poem “The Glass Hammer” (which appears in the frequency of whispers) and transformed and adapted it as a spoken word musical performance . Please have a listen to this edgy, dark-buzzed interpretation that gives a whole new emotional potency to the piece.

Explore Ty’s emerging musical project Playgrounds for the Poor and keep an eye out for more releases at his main site.

Complete Lyrics:

the Heart’s glass hammer swings at shadows / chipping ts own stone fortress / ’til it crumbles (the wall) / and shatters (the hammer). / It will bleed in rainbow-sonic beams (the heart) / as its castle collapses and the goblins / of the world, hunched / in their cold caves squeeze shards / between numb fingers and scrape / crude murals of the legendary thumping red / beast that used to light / the horizon of their eyes.


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  1. Nicole says:

    I love this–atmospheric, dark and shadowy. Very sexy.

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