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A statement by author/artist Steve Colloff:

Ever since I was young I appreciated things that other people did not seem to.

Looking at a dusty dirt track or watching the shadow of a tree swaying gracefully against a plain brick wall. The sun on an airplanes jet stream would capture my attention or clouds drifting on a full moon night.

Sometimes things seem to shimmer with an unearthly quality that draws me in. This is a mistake – these are scenes of absolute earthliness. This is how the world really is. Not bills nor shops, not work nor television. Not any of the false shell which is accepted as our existence. This is emptiness, not verification of self. It makes one forget oneself.

But moments of natural beauty are glimpses of the heartland. Meditation helps us see this for it is everything, everywhere.

The world within is as infinite as the external world. We cannot capture the inner world on film so we become the camera, our canvas the photo paper which we project images, thoughts and feelings through eye and hand.

Between night and day, light and shadow.

Between sleeping and waking, inside and outside.

Between pencil and paper…

This is my heartland.

By Steve Colloff.

Contact Steve Colloff via email, view his website for The Academy of Imaginary Arts and connect with his project on Facebook.


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