ben’s TEN operates under the principle that health, creativity and spirituality are inextricably linked. What is optimal physical vitality and vigor worth, for instance, without an outlet through which to funnel it into something productive (creativity)? Or without a curious and expansive consciousness (spirituality)?

I love how Deepak Chopra puts it in his introduction to The Tibetan Art of Healing:

“When harmony prevails between the elements of human physiology and the forces of the macrocosm, nature’s intelligence flows spontaneously through the cells of the body. Whether or not the physician resorts to the use of medications or external therapies, the patient is directed towards health-producing behavior that restores dynamic equilibrium to body and mind, so leading to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Health then becomes a heightened state of vitality, creativity, peace and joy where we transcend the individual ego” (p. 9).

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Baker, I. A. (1997). The Tibetan Art of Healing. San Fransisco: Chronicle Books.

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