The goal of the ben’s TEN project is to illuminate and inform the lives of readers and listeners—regardless of political, spiritual, religious or any other afiliation—through short pieces related to health, creativity, spirituality and culture (whether “popular” or deep). It began as a free monthly emailed “magazine” but is developing into a multimedia project that seeks to enrich lives by whatever means is most skillful. The blog is a manifestation of that vision, allowing us to publish content–including articles, interviews and reviews–that builds upon the ideas, images, themes and practices on the edge of our journey as conscious beings. The blog also serves as a reservoir of resources and ideas—a laboratory for the evolution of body, mind and spirit.

The emailed e-zine has since been “retired” as a consequence of the changing nature of social media, but that just leaves more time and energy to invest in the blog and other outlets. Please “like” us on Facebook, “follow” us on Twitter and all that jazz. We’ll likely return the favor assuming you aren’t some clandestine branch of the N.S.A. out to snuff out free thinking.

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  1. 3D Eye says:

    Thanks for your recent ‘like’ – what’s happening with you recently? GF

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