Official artwork © Playgrounds for the Poor

I’m pleased to share the release of the new single “When It Shatters Into a River…” by the Portland project Playgrounds for the Poor. Experimental musician and visionary front-man Ty Cobb has once again used remixed poetry from the frequency of whispers as the perfect accompaniment to his edgy, ambient sound. The way he mashes verse from various poems across the book into a perfect chemistry leaves me with the feeling that  my poems themselves were merely holding places for “poetic bytes” that a mind like Ty’s could orchestrate into beautiful, brief power verses.

Ty himself categorizes this one as “Electro Trip Hop,” so if you’re looking for something light and melodic you better flip back to your Top 40 station on Pandora. If you’re ready to challenge your musical sensibilities a bit and delve into something dark and meditative, but at the same time inspiring, do yourself the favor of listening through.

Explore Ty’s emerging musical project Playgrounds for the Poor and keep an eye out for more releases at his main site.

NOTE: You can comment on specific moments in the track by clicking on it. Let Ty know what moments really trip you out.

Complete Lyrics:

“When it shatters into a river, I make an exception. ‘The roof of the world is for the patient ones. Hermits and Rivers.’ For those who know the secret places to harvest.”

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