David Brochstein, otherwise known as “Dr. D,” was born in Houston, Texas and lived in New York City, Seattle, Boulder, Austin and Thailand before deciding to call Dallas home.

David has early memories of dreams he had a as child where he was visualizing acupuncture treatments from a doctor, even though he did not know what acupuncture was until he was a teenager!

David grew up in and around Houston, Texas. After completing his undergraduate degree at New York University in Music Technology, David took a position in Thailand running and developing recording studios. While he was living in Bangkok he became increasingly interested in Oriental medicine and natural therapies.

In 1996, he moved back to Texas and began work at Whole Food Market where he became a buyer in the herbal department. During his time at Whole Foods, David met his first teacher and began an apprenticeship in herbal medicine that lasted 10 years. David still consults with his mentor today.

In 2007, David completed his Masters of Oriental Medicine at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. After graduation, he re-located to Dallas, Texas where he has family and many long-time friends.

David is licensed to practice Oriental medicine in both Texas and Florida. He lives in North Dallas with his wife, Umi, two dogs and two cats.

He is very busy online and in the blogosphere. Visit his business site, specialized health blog, or his more colorful but no less insightful personal blog.