No need to get out the sociology or anthropology textbooks. We are taking a very broad view of culture here–it’s the context in which all three of the other b10 areas of focus (health, creativity and spirituality) are embedded. It’s the water in which we are swimming, so to speak. We think the diagram below is a handy graphic for thinking about how these all work together. Imagine the “tablet” itself is culture.

  • Health includes “Physical/Emotional Optimization and Maintenance” and “Diet and Nutrition.”
  • Creativity includes a “Livelihood of Self-Determination” and “Expression of Inner Universe.”
  • Spirituality includes a “Transpersonal Outlook” and a “Ritualistic and/or Progressive Practice.”

How we navigate, balance and evolve along these dimensions is what you might call our LIFE PRACTICE. Notice this model doesn’t demand specific beliefs about any of these facets–only that you examine, reflect and act upon them sincerely.

In this sense you could say any of b10’s posts relate to Culture (with a capital “C”). This is true, but we aren’t so high-minded as to neglect what many consider popular, or mainstream, culture. Movies, books, music and even politics can be a rich source of insight and great fodder for our further development. For this reason, you’ll find a nice sampling of pieces related to popular culture, and movies in particular. Our special series The Twelve Flicks of Xmas is a particular favorite.

Why not sample the archives by searching or sorting our posts by category?

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